What Are HR Robots?

HR Robots (or Bots) are automated programs that screen job applications based on criteria like keywords, skills, school degrees, and years of experience. Examples would be Application Tracking Systems (ATS), which is an HR Bot for screening job candidates.

Why are HR Robots even used? Why can’t a human do it?

According to Forbes, recruiters receive 118 applications per job posting on average. Some recruiters are lazy or they don’t have time, so ATS makes the searching easier. In fact, 75% of applications are screened by HR Bots without a human ever seeing your resume.

Can I apply for a job without a robot-proof resume?

75% of recruiters and hiring professionals use HR Bots to screen applicants. Applicant Tracking Systems aren’t perfect, but the reality is you won’t get an interview if your resume isn’t optimized against ATS and HR Bots. You can’t expect a generic resume to make it through.

Similar to search engine optimization (SEO), if your resume contains the keywords employers want, the HR Robots will rank you higher in the search results.

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